" Interracial Friends was conceived in 1995, and created on October 21st, 2012. It was inspired by the picture you see cropped above which was taken that day. I saw these two boys frequently playing in my old neighborhood when I would be with old friends hanging out. I saw them walking one day and got one shot with my camera as I waited for someone at The Blue Park. I thought, "That's beyond cool. They're interracial friends, they're too young to know about hate or racism." I thought, "Hmmm, Interracial Friends, that's such a cool name!" Their friendship was true and genuine. If the world could take a simple note from these two kids and what I saw that day, we would truly be a better world. You see, they hit me with a simple message that day we as people tend to overlook. There is no such thing as race, but the human-race. The ignorance to hate someone because of their skin color is obscene. The mission statement of this brand/media platform and the goal is to eliminate racism as much as possible to the best of our abilities. For we are all equals. Understand this. Interracial Friends is ran by one person, and my goal is to simply spread awareness of racism which is still very alive and well. Whenever you wear something from this brand, no matter the design/content or the controversy, you are supporting my message of ending racism at the end of the day. That's what this brand is all about. Changing and enlightening minds with the story of IF's creation. I never sat down like most kids do these days to think up a brand for money or notoriety or anything like that. All money made goes back into IF to keep new merchandise coming and the dream rolling. This brand is my life. It simply came from the inspiration from a photo I took. I never asked for this, it just happened to me. That is why I truly believe in this brand, I never asked for it. It just happened. "

"Now it's my life."

"Thank You for your time, and I hope you vibe with my message and brand/media platform."

 "Friendship Of All Colors"

"Thank You"

-Mowgli Miles/Founder of Interracial Friends