Very rarely do we see artist now a days that handle their own. I'm not talking about artist who have a grasp on themselves in general or their life and habits - all of which TY Segall certainly appears to have beyond a grasp on and more; no I'm talking about the handling of the simple things. Like doing your own soundcheck before your headlining set at a venue. Then walking off stage to very briefly walk back on stage again with absolutely no superstar Hollywood styled build up. No bullshit. Just music and immense vibes of an unforgettable night. This is what you will get at a Ty Segall concert.

The way Segall carries himself is both humbling and very subtle. But when the guitar is plugged in and the lights begin to flash this man is an absolute relaxed madman. Swaying from side to side while sometimes falling back slightly lost in the magical sounding riffs of his own guitar, just to whiplash forward again to let out the rest of his words ever so passionately. Segall is beyond vicious when playing the guitar, but he is also contained. Segall seems to maintain his space on stage. He isn't all over the stage so to speak, but he is indeed all over his own space in the best way possible. This man knows how to strike a guitar as he is moving and grooving while he bellows out angst ridden lyrics of freedom and better times. 

I see two kids running on the side rushing, as Ty has already started.


TY SEGALL CONCERT REVIEW NOTES: ◦ I see two kids running on the side rushing, as Ty has already started. ◦ Ty has a vicious way of handling the guitar ◦ This dude...this dude dipped down so deep into the light...the deepest Ive ever seen anyone do on stage. It moved me... ◦ He’s just shredding like whut ◦ Important note...he is NOT in the direct center of the stage? He’s off to the right just every so slightly ◦ The girl I met told me to pull my phone out because he was about to play “Sizar”...I had a feeling I should trust her. I honestly don’t know whether this guy is folk, blues, rock, alternative, or what. All I do know is that this dude is all around on his sounds... insane talent. ◦ Stage walking was barricade...intact, a kid intentionally climbed from the trenches of a moshing pit...walked on stage sludge style, then proceeded to blow Segall an air kiss...he then turned facing the drummer and fell backwards for a trust fall crowd surf. I haven’t see that type of nostalgia in a long time... ◦ The girl I met through Facebook who is now enjoying the show with me is rather incising. ◦ Segall did an encore, it was “Caesar”