Cook Up Boss - photo by Interracial Friends>Mowgli Miles

Cook Up Boss: Shit Cool 'Till It Ain't Cool

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Photographer/Writer: Mowgli Miles




Slumerican made and hailing from Nashville proudly, CUB is the true essence of the South.


Cook Up Boss is currently opening up for Yelawolf on the 5150 Tour. I had a chance to sit down with CUB and his crew before his set at The Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado.

Before I jump to the main question I ask everyone, can you please state your name and what you do?

CUB: My name CUB, CUB stand for Cook Up Boss, C-U-B. I'm a rapper, not a platinum rapper. I just do this for me and my people, Slumerican made I come out of Nashville. Genuine stand-up, shit cool till it ain't cool is my motto.

So the main question I ask everyone is can we end racism, is it possible?

CUB: I don't really look at it as racism. I don't think we can, to go ahead and answer your question. See I think if you like 35 or under, you really can't be racist. You see what I'm saying? Unless you just talk that shit in your house, you what I mean? Cause like, the only people holding on to that is old. An older generation. 

Cook Up Boss - photo by Interracial Friends>Mowgli Miles

So what causes genuine hate? For someone to hate someone because of their skin color, their sex, irrelevant things that they can't control?

CUB: I think just jealousy. Like you can look at a mother fucka and think they doing better than you, or you doing better than them and their life probably ain't shit. They look good, just like platnium rappers, but they got more problems than anybody.

So you're from the Nashville you say, what's it mean to have that Southern pride? I feel like the South is very misunderstood.

CUB: Again you had to been taught that shit. I don't even know about that shit. I'll put the flag on and walk on stage. The only people who hold on to that confederate flag shit is old people. That's their pride.

Cook Up Boss - photo by Interracial Friends>Mowgli Miles

CUB: You see a mother fucka like me who came out of the projects with nothing you don't got no pride. You can't hold on to no. You don't got nothing as is. So as you try to keep moving around and trying to progress, shit the pride is the money!

Money is the motivation...

CUB: Absolutely!

Cook Up Boss - photo by Interracial Friends>Mowgli Miles

So do you have anything coming up, anything you'd like to pitch?

CUB: Yeah I got Heisenberg out. It's a single. I got The Catfish Billy and Cook Up Boss about to drop, that's me and Yella. You know Yella did the tracks and he back really with the street rapping style on this one. On the corner with the crystal meth type shit.

Grew up with that Trunk Muzik type shit. All day. What do you want to leave the people with? The kids who are struggling to even get people to listen to their music and they just want to call it quits? 

CUB: Shit cool 'till it ain't cool! 

Shit cool 'till it ain't cool, I like that.

CUB: Yeah, I'ma explain it to ya. Like you know, shit cool when shit is cool, everything is cool!

Until it's not?

CUB: EXACTLY. It's not cool anymore. So we're not gonna do that anymore. So that's what the young people gotta understand. The shit you that you think is cool, might not be cool anymore next week to the people you're around.

Yoppa Bam - Photo by Mowgli Miles of Interracial Friends

Thank you for your time!

CUB is an enlightening embodiment of an African-American who hails proudly from the South who has truly made a name for himself in the music industry.

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