Denver, CO: Thanks to Colorado's historic vote as the first state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis, the Mile High City will live up to it’s name on 4/20 the official holiday for Cannabis.

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After a salacious and public permit battle, the Colorado-based Euflora Cannabis Dispensary has prevailed and promises to completely reimagine the 420 festival for 2018. Newly renamed; the Mile High 420 Festival ( is scheduled to take place in the heart of the city and right at the onset of Spring where Cannabis-enthusiasts, activists, and tourists alike will converge for a single day at Colorado's most prominent cannabis party.

The Mile High 4/20 festival will kick off at 10 am and will reach its pinnacle at 4:20 PM with a scheduled performance by celebrity hip-hop talent Lil Jon and Lil Wayne. Entry to this celebration of cannabis culture is completely free of charge and people of all ages can attend the event. For more information about the event, and potential sponsorship or vendor opportunities, check out the official event page at

Photo by: Brent Andeck


⦿ 100% FREE FESTIVAL, opens at 10am and continues until 7:00pm on April 20th, 2018

⦿ Headline entertainment includes Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Inner Circle, The Wailers, Whitewater Ramble

⦿ Local music stage, presenting some of the best performers from around Colorado and “420 Funny“ a Cannabis Comedy stage that will feature some of the best in the biz

⦿ Embracing the synergy of cannabis and wellness a fully interactive experience during the early hours of the festival with a stage just for meditation, yoga and fitness.

Photo by: Brent Andeck

The Mile High 420 Festival is the largest free 420 event in the world. 

When: April 20th, 2018 – doors open at 10AM. 

Where: Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado

Why: Every year tens of thousands of cannabis enthusiasts gather in Denver’s Civic Center park to celebrate cannabis culture and community. As the first state in the nation to legalize cannabis, Colorado has a unique history with this movement and our event draws people from around the world as a result.

Photo by: Brent Andeck



144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202

Photo by: Brent Andeck